Tear-Eyed Narendra Modi Pays Tribute To COVID Warriors

Tear-Eyed Narendra Modi Pays Tribute To COVID Warriors

Modi-PMIndia is battling a huge COVID crisis at this moment and the central government under Narendra Modi’s leadership is increasing efforts to bring the situation to normalcy. Modi is actively holding meetings and conferences with various officials and other front-line workers to assess the situation from time to time. On Friday, during an interaction with the frontline health workers in his constituency Varanasi, Modi got emotional. Paying tributes to those who lost lives due to COVID, Modi turned emotional.

Modi took pauses in between while paying the tributes to those who lost lives. “This virus took away so many people who were close to us. I offer my deepest condolences to their families,” revealed Modi in a voice choked with emotion and grief. Modi, however, returned to normalcy in no time to discuss various other issues.

During the interaction, Modi also urged everyone to take the vaccine. He has asked the Healthline workers to take his message more actively to the public. Calling the vaccine as a safety armor, Modi told that the vaccine alone can save all of us during this pandemic.

Modi also mentioned the deadly Black Fungus and the cases that are growing up every day. He urged the administration to take precautions and prepare to deal with it.

Source: https://www.gulte.com/political-news/88301/tear-eyed-narendra-modi-pays-tribute-to-covid-warriors

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