Reliance Jio Giving 5GB Data Without Immediate Cost

Reliance Jio Giving 5GB Data Without Immediate Cost

reliance-jio-giving-5gb-data-immediate-costReliance Jio users can now get ‘emergency data’ from the company. This move from the company will allow users who don’t have sufficient funds to recharge their numbers or purchase data packs without any worries. The company has capped the maximum limit of data per user at 5GB. Note that this data is not completely free and will be offered to the users as a ‘loan’. It is a great initiative from Reliance Jio since there are many users living below the poverty line who don’t have enough money to recharge their SIM cards because of the recurring lockdowns resulting in incapacity to earn daily wages.

Reliance Jio to Offer Users 1GB of Emergency Data 5 Times
The company will not be offering a total of 5GB of data together. Jio users can take the 1GB data pack from the company, which costs Rs 11, as a loan and pay later. Any user can take a maximum of 5GB of data from the company. This means that the maximum amount of loan that the company is offering to the users is Rs 55.

But there are some terms and conditions associated with the offer. First of all, users must have an active pack. Further, the data that’s been taken from the company as a loan will also expire once the base pack of the user expires.

Even though 1GB of data costs only Rs 11, for some people in our country, that’s the cost of their one-time meal. This is why this is a very good initiative from Reliance Jio that’s going to help millions of Indians who can’t recharge immediately because of financial restrictions but are in need of data desperately.

This is a model that other companies, including Vodafone Idea and Bharti Airtel, can also opt for. Because at the end of the day, it is not just business, but also help offered to the customers. It shows that the company thinks about its users and their needs a lot. The 5GB of data that’s offered as a loan can be very significant for people who need it for completing their important tasks and work.


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